May 3, 2016


Career Analysis

Cytotechnology will be microscopic examine of tissues for proof of disorders, like for example cancer malignancy. The search for unusual tissues or impaired skin cells can show you numerous medical conditions, and this includes popular and microbial bacterial contamination and as well cancer tumor. One of the best famous cytology examination among the general public may possibly be the Pap assess, an evaluation of skin cells removed from the cervix that is definitely suitable for most women even on a recurrent structure.

The value of cytology solutions extends to other servings of your body, as minute mobile tests can discover cancerous or precancerous tissue taken from pretty much any portion of the physical structure. Cytotechnologists may well consider tissue that have been scraped from tissues or taken off possessing a great needle, or maybe just sloughed off of by typical means. These are conditioned to start seeing subtle differences in skin cells in adition to alterations in cells that keep less than scrutiny.


Most laboratory technologists support a bachelor’s diploma at one of the living sciences. Some cytotechnologists will do one additional year’s practicing for the specialization. Several classes also provide diplomas in health development, that cover any number of the complex facets of laboratory test secrets, biology, laptop or computer technology therefore the other ideas necessary to manage a sophisticated study of a cellular specimen. Some states in america have need of licensure for medical lab technologists usually.


There have been 319,000 medical technologists working in 2006, in accordance with the Section of Labor. A relatively minor sector with this top quality human population specialized in cytotechnology.

Duty Mindset

Speedy growth is predicted in the field of healthcare technological innovations. Lab technologists in all areas are usually in improving demand for services, and the necessity of new experts is anticipated to expand about 14Percent within the following that a few years throughout the business. The spot of cellular research is asked to go right here stretch dramatically, as scientific studies continuously uncover the difficulties of dangerous microscopic cells therefore the ranging practices that can be used to handle them. Cytotechnologists are essential to investigate and client procedures in this area.

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May 3, 2016

Cases Investigator

Professional Guide

Insurance states investigators are known as in if you have suspicion about an insurance plan maintain. Cases in which the online business suspects fraudulent or criminal arrest sports activity can period these sorts of behaves as false workman’s salary assertions, arson, false vehicle accident stories or inflated specialized medical debts.

Researchers in most cases start out with a comprehensive back ground review the claimant and any others active in the law suit. This effort is invariably by way of a computer, under-going directories and seeking for aliases, previous criminal arrest activity especially any past tries at fraud. They then endure a around of job interviews utilizing the functions included. Sometimes there can be security work involved, like for example which has a in question impairment allege.


You can get no traditional educational demands for the cases investigator posture. A foundation in examination is priceless, as well as folks with law enforcement experience turn to insurance policy coverage investigation as a form of second profession. In 50 % of all insurance protection adjusters, appraisers, investigators and examiners get an associate’s or bachelor’s qualification. An additional 17 % have some university or college chance to their credit, but no college degree.


There are about 319,000 many people working as adjusters, examiners, researchers and appraisers in coverage community in 2006.

Place of employment Mindset

The duty increase for several of these careers is predicted being about the same being the common projected work progression entire for the next a few years. Candidates for investigator careers with track record in law enforcement or examination are usually in a stronger location for the purpose might be a aggressive recruitment subject.

May 8, 2014

Don Antonio’s and some crappy cell phone photography

One reason why I can’t remember the name of the pizza joint I went to during my last New York trip is the same reason why I haven’t been updating Pamparius very often this year.  I’m bored of it.  Oh wait, I remember now.  Don Antonio’s.  It’s in Manhattan in an area so close to Times Square you can feel your retinas begin to pre-heat in preparation for the oncoming annoyances of this part of Manhattan.  Yes, the pizza was good but I’m so bored of pizza napoletana at this point I just can’t be bothered to pretend to be interested in the pizzaolos or the cornicones anymore.  It’s like the over abundance of microbreweries in Richmond.  We get it.  You can make tasty stuff but I’m struggling to find the differences between all of you.

Ease up.

I think the most exciting meal of my New York weekend were the fried rice balls from the little dump next to Wreck Room I had while speed-walking down Evergreen to get back to a party I had left a couple hours earlier.  Quite possibly the most insanely delicious bar food on the planet, Arancini Bros fried rice balls will warm your belly, burn your taste buds and you’re gonna like it.  I ordered a few of them after seeing White Widows play at The Morgan because, frankly, it’s the best legal thing you can do at Wreck Room.

photo (48)

A good friend of mine who works at a Saveur took me to this place in Hell’s Kitchen called Don Antonios.  I can’t remember the “story” but I’m assuming its something like guy number 1 worked at such and such, got a big head and opened his own place serving up a similar product but with a twist, right?  Yeah.  One of the pizzas (La Racchetta) is shaped like… a tennis racket.

image (12)

The pie is good enough, not stellar.  I’ve had better in Philly, DC, Richmond, San Fran, pretty much anywhere, and at 22 or 23 bucks a pop, you better nail this shit, because it wasn’t.  The classic pizza swamp derailed this train much like I’ve seen with brick oven pizzas before.

image (16)

The appetizers were fantastic.  An arugula and tomato salad (Angioletti) with little pieces of fried pizza crust and some arancinis of their own.  Really tasty, but the arancinis don’t touch the stuff served up next to the Bushwick dive that is so filled with urine and cocaine on the weekends.

image (13)

image (14)

It’s all really delicious food.  It’s all my fault that I’ve stuffed my fat face with so much pizza in the last four years that I’ve grown grumpy to the whole idea.  I’m doing my best to stay away from the stuff while I slowly make my way down to my summer weight (which I will reach sometime in October) but I often find myself derailed, slumped on the floor at 1am with two giant slices of Belmont and a tub of pimento cheese, waiting to find out what happened to Steve Bartman for the 12th time on Espn30for30.

As always, thanks Laura and Melissa.  Love you both.


May 8, 2014


The pizza at Dinamo is eerily similar to the pie slung around by 8 1/2 and Mamma Zu and there is no wonder, they’re both owned by Ed Vasaio.  Shit is good.  Not great.

photo (47)

Me and a pretty lady ordered this red anchovy along with some pretty bangin’ Motza ball soup.  There is something missing for sure.  That signature garlic overload that is so familiar with 8 1/2 pies is missing, and the undercarriage on the Dinamo pie is a pale yellow.  No signs of charring to bring out dat flava.  Oh well.  At eight or nine bucks it is a good enough deal if you’re in the mood and their anchovies are spot on as well so you don’t have to worry about losing any quality in that dept.

Certainly having a pretty lady buying your lunch can’t hurt either.  Dinamo is great.  Don’t ask me how to pronounce it though.

Jan 14, 2014

California Love – Old Bay & Liquor Stores

This is a guest post by Ashton I. of San Diego, CA.

Liquor store pizza.  Does that get your attention?  If you like where this is going, please read on.   If you don’t like where this is going, please stop reading because you’re obviously a terrorist and pose a threat to the temple of American Culture known as Fiori’s Pizza and Spirits.  Fiori’s is located in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego.  Better yet, they’re on Eagle street. How’s that for patriotic, you commie son of a bitch!?

As you approach their building from the adjacent parking lot, it promises nothing more than any of the other beer, booze, and candy slingers around town.  Once you cross the threshold into the store, however, you’re bound to notice the odd deli counterish setup immediately to your left.  Honestly, it just looks like there used to be a sandwich shop there.  Like the owners finally gave up the ghost last weekend and simply haven’t finished moving the furniture out quite yet.  Not so.  The small, bizarrely placed kitchen is alive and damn if it ain’t kickin!  Their website ( ) boasts a menu full of Italian dinner entrees, sandwiches, and pizza, but I only know one guy who has strayed from the 8.99 Large One Topping Pizza deal to try a sandwich, and he said it was horse shit in a bun. Those are my words, not his, but that was the general idea conveyed to me.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 7.23.26 PM

Stop thinking about poop in a sandwich roll though, and come back with me to the topic at hand.  Pizza. There’s actually not much to say about their pizza in a 2014 “what brilliant idea have these guys stumbled upon after smoking dank weed laced with Citra hops out of a beautiful hand blown glass bong filled with Heady Topper IPA for bong water” way, but that is the brilliance in itself.  There are half a dozen places around town I can bike to for a slice of arugula, pork belly, and shredded truffle pizza.  The options for a straight up pepperoni pizza that hasn’t come out of a freezer are now a cherished commodity.

The cheese is very good, as are the peps and the sauce.  Nothing fancy, but nothing missing either.  What really sells me on Firori’s pizza is their crust.  In the chain world, dominos absolutely sets the bar for what a “not too thin, not too deep” crust should be.  In the independent world, Firori’s upholds this standard.  It has crunch, but it’s not a crouton. It has dough, but it’s not a baguette.  It keeps the cheese in, and all the terrible atrocities of this world out.  The price point is very appealing as well, and likely subsidized by the fact that you are definitely walking out of this place with at LEAST a six pack of beer that costs more than the pizza itself.  If these prices seem excessive to you Richmonders, just keep in mind that housing costs roughly double here and food/drink cost about 125% of what you’re paying.  Wages are way higher though, so it all works out in the end.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 7.23.11 PM

Back to pizza.  The reason Andy asked me to write this post was because I apparently had one of those “craft beer bong water” ideas that seemed incredible to me but has most likely been done millions of times before by less obnoxious people who didn’t waste their time Instagramming it.  I’ve been on an Old Bay kick recently.  Like, in a “if you love it so much why don’t you marry it” kind of way, but in a 2014 “if you love it so much why don’t you get a tattoo of it” kind of way.  I haven’t yet, but I already have one planned out.  I told you I was obnoxious.  So my wife and I were chowing down on a classic Fiori’s last Tuesday night, and I decided to douse my half of the pie with that glorious concoction of salt and herbs know as Old Bay.  The results were satisfying to say the very least.  I loved it. I can’t believe nobody who has surely tried this before hadn’t shown me.  I loved it.  Did I mention Firori’s also delivers?  Not just the pizza, the alcohol too.  Don’t tell the terrorists.

Dec 6, 2013

I knew Macaulay would always be a cool kid

The Pizza Underground.  A Macaulay Culkin fronted Velvet Underground cover band with songs transformed into pizza lovin’ tunes.


Come to Richmond, please?  Lets share a couple cheese slices in a taxi and check out Christmas lights.

Dec 6, 2013

23rd and Main Taproom

Had a bunch of these from a work event a while back.  They all looked great but lacked in flavor.  It boils down to making the impression that you have a quality product when you don’t want to spend money on quality ingredients.  Smelly, wet mushrooms.  Big, lifeless pepperoni.  Dry crust.  Just boring.

Sette is now 23rd and Main Taproom.


Oct 11, 2013

Pizza at Mint


It’s more of a flatbread thing but with braised lamb, olive, feta and some other goodies, it tastes great. Go for happy hour and it’s only $4/$5.50 (veggie friendly option available).

Oct 9, 2013

100 Ways to Eat Pizza

Some of these are ridiculous. A few are pretty cool. In an exercise in problem solving, a student at Pratt Institute sketched 100 ways to serve pizza. I think the pizza shots should be rearranged. Lick the breadcrumbs, shoot the sauce, eat a piece of mozzarella. All in all, some good fun.

tumblr_m783czPWHF1rbrmwio1_1280 tumblr_m77zjwti0O1rbrmwio1_1280 tumblr_m77yxprf7z1rbrmwio1_1280 tumblr_m784sfKu3C1rbrmwio1_1280