Aug 17, 2013

Pizza Crawl V – Number of the Feast

actual design, not a sketch

actual design, not a sketch

On September 7th, we, along with the knowledgeable folks at Carytown Bicycle Co. will be hosting the fifth Pizza Crawl aptly titled “Number of the Feast.”  This will be in conjunction with the Bicycle Film Festival which is now enjoying three days of fun instead of a lonely Sunday full of movies.

The Bicycle Film Festival, hereby referred to as BFF, will kick off with a party at Bunny Hop Bike Shop on Friday night.  Don’t show up to that old basement across the street from Ipanema because no one will be there.  Bunny Hop moved to Oregon Hill and to the rejoice of everyone, something was  finally done with that huge building on the corner of Laurel and Albemarle.  Our little pizza crawl will be held the next day at 4pm.  Make sure you come early to register because we’re jackin’ up the prices.  $10 gets you a ton of pizza as we’ll be hitting up two P.Crawl virgins on this tour, along with OG’s Tarrants and 8 1/2.  Fret not oh lovers of graphic tees, we are getting new shirts this year!  You can finally retire that ratty Gary the gorilla on a Lefty shirt from way back when we did the 2nd pizza crawl.  Woo!  Those will be $20, includes pizza partyage.

Your eyes shant be deceiving you.  That is the art that will be on the shirt, printed on beautiful college rule fabric and famous Bic Blue ink.

Returning from last years crawl is Pizza Tonight! and some parking lot party action behind the CBC shop. This is where the men are separated from the baby faces as the unprepared have probably wimped out by now thanks to stomach cramps and poor fitness.  Grab a few slices from Pizza Tonights wood fired, mobile brick oven, sling some of the PBR out of your friends backpack and talk about your recent bike upgrades, or what you should have upgraded to if it weren’t for that speeding ticket you got last month.

The BFF continues with its main event(s) on Sunday at the majestic Byrd Theatre.  Fifteen bucks gets you access to all the short films and stories starting at 3pm and stretching into the night.

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  • Thanks so much for organizing the pizza bike crawl. I had a fabulous time meeting local bike enthusiasts.

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